A third party developer has released a native Windows application which allows you to play PS4 Games on your computer. Well, a few days later, Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Worldwide Studios at Sony, has announced on Twitter that Sony will release an official application that will allow you to connect your PC and Mac device to your PS4 console and play games with your mouse and keyboard.

Currently, the Xbox One console allows you to connect a controller to your Windows 10 PC and stream your Xbox One screen to your computer. When it comes to PlayStation 4, remote streaming is working on PlayStation TV, PlayStation Vita, Sony Xperia, but not on a PC.

Well, the third party developer didn’t want to wait for Sony to release this remote play pc application and, instead, he worked on one and released it a few days ago. Twisted, the guy who has created the application, is selling it for only 10 dollars, saying that all his previous projects were free, but this is the only way he can support his living costs. So, if you want to play games from your PS4 directly to your Windows PC, you will need to pay 10 dollars (for now).

However, as soon as Sony noticed that this application is quite requested by a lot of PS4 owners out there, they’ve decided to make this announcement, saying that PlayStation 4 will soon receive a Remote Play for PC and Mac devices. We’re not sure if Sony will “ban” somehow the application that Twisted has released, but there are high chances that it will. Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t confirmed when the Remote Play application will be released for PC and Mac, but this will most likely happen soon.

Will you prefer to play PS4 games on your PC using your mouse and keyboard?