Microsoft had a short Android experiment, killing its Nokia X line immediately because it didn’t have the hoped success. Instead, the company continued to improve its operating system and released multiple Lumia devices with better or weaker specs. The Lumia 950 XL is a flagship running on the new Windows 10, but can it replace any Android device? Let’s see what it hides inside and what features will attract you.

Design and Display

The Lumia 950 XL has a simple design, featuring a polycarbonate casing which reminds of an old generation Android device, but we can’t really say that it’s ugly, but it doesn’t look premium either. The phone is very tall, which makes it a phablet with a height of almost 152mm, but it’s also wide at 78.4mm and it has a thickness of 8.1mm. On the back, in the center, sits the camera with a large circular lens and a 1mm silver ring around it. However, the phone doesn’t feel heavy in your hand, as it weights 165 grams, an average weight for its dimensions. On the front side, the bezel is minimal, the screen measures 5.7-inch and it uses Samsung’s AMOLED technology (1440 x 2560 pixels at 518 ppi), which provides very vibrant colors, but the battery doesn’t get drained fast, because it has a big capacity of 3340 mAh and it lasts long enough. Also, the battery is charged via the USB-C port, which sits at the bottom of the device, while at the top is found the headphone port and on the right side were placed all physical buttons, including a dedicated camera button.


Under the hood, or under the battery, more exactly, hides the chipset, which is a Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810. The phablet is very fast with the pair of quad core processors clocked at 1.5GHz and 2GHz, which, combined with 3GB of RAM and the new Windows 10, offer a flawless performance, without lags or other inconveniences. The Lumia 950 XL users can install PC applications because the internal memory supports a capacity of 32GB, which is enough for filling it with your favorite applications or games. Also, there was added a microSD card slot which allows expansion up to 200GB. Also, Microsoft offers 200GB of OneDrive cloud storage for saving photos and videos.


The main camera is very impressive, using PureView technology and Carl Zeiss optics, but it can also support OIS, autofocus and triple-LED RGB flash. Also, it’s able to record 4K videos at 30fps with optical image stabilization. What will bother you is that there are too many separate camera applications, but they can be pulled together into a single camera application and use various lenses available. As for the front camera, it has a resolution of 5MP.


Windows 10 comes with lots of new features and functions. Continuum will sync your devices so that you can continue writing an email on your laptop/computer after starting it on your Lumia 950 XL. Also, you can personalize your homescreen with tiles and the quick selection titles can be accessed from the pull-down menu, where you can find WiFi, Settings, Flashlight etc.

  • Napocensis

    This is an article about “nothing” (some ppl may remember Seinfeld episode). Most info here can be found on MS website. The rest is just baloney made up by.

  • jdawgnoonan

    The X was a Nokia experiment that Microsoft had nothing to do with.

  • al alfveby

    Terrible story facts are incorrect along with the other comments the phone can take a 2 tb sd card not limited to 200 gb

    • To be fair cards above 200GB don’t exist; but I get your point. The article is not that bad actually.

      • Nikolay Shveshkeyev

        Yes they do. I have a Samsung 1tb microsd card in my possession. Look around more.

        • praxius

          Yes but 2TB do not yet exist. Soon though

        • Jeff

          Are you sure that’s a microSD card and not just a standard SD card? I have yet to find one that breaks 200gb. Which is a far cry from 1tb.

          • Nikolay Shveshkeyev

            Yep, it’s definitely a microsd. I’ve tested it on a surface 3 and a 1520. It’s just under a Tb formatted and I see speeds of 80-90MBs reads and 50-60MBs writes. Remeber: EBay and Bing are your friends. :)

          • Jeff

            I looked on EBay. There is a huge variation in the cost of some of these devices. I’m looking at the details and can’t help but think this is a scam. And I’m sorry to say, I think you may have gotten scammed as well.

          • Nikolay Shveshkeyev

            I fail to see it as a scam when the card works as advertised…
            I’ve tested it thoroughly and I’ve yet to find something wrong with it.
            Is it an actual Samsung card however? Doubtful, given how this business works…it was probably custom branded, but who cares? As long as the card performs…

          • Jeff

            Have you actually tried storing 1tb of data on it successfully? Could be an exploit of a bug on a 128gb device, then silk screened with 1024 on it.
            I find it interesting that the only place these show up is on ebay. No other site that sells microSD cards claims to have anything above 256gb.
            Then again, you could be the one behind the scams on ebay…

          • Nikolay Shveshkeyev

            Lol, I could, but then I doubt I would be commenting on a news site trying to help people. :P
            You do bring up an interesting point though, I’ve ran all the usual tests on the card but I’ve never tried storing an actual Tb… I suppose I’ll try that now…
            EBay isn’t the only site you can get them at. What these sellers do is buy the cards in bulk from a Manufacturer (just have a look on Alibaba, etc), throw out the bad ones and sell the rest individually for a substantial profit.

      • al alfveby

        That is like saying the new sony doesn’t have a 4k screen because there is no 4k video for it to play. It still has the capability.

        • praxius

          My Lumia 930 can record 4K Video with 5.1 Surround and has been doing it before the first iPhone 6 came out….. The 950’s do the same, so bad example…. But I get what you’re saying ????

          • I dont Think you DO get what he’s saying, because your reply had nothing to do with what he was saying. Lol

          • praxius

            4K video exists and there’s a lot of them to play on various devices. I am just saying the example isn’t accurate. There is no video for it to play? I can make a video right now.

  • Jason Warden

    I attempted to purchase a 950 XL yesterday at a MS Store, but was told they only had enough for “pre-orders.” If anyone fails to pick theirs up by today, they will call me. Hope to get one.

    • You’re not alone. MS just delayed my shipment by 2 weeks and gave me a “we’re sorry” 25$ coupon. Used my credit towards a dock. At least you are getting the dock for free. I prefer the 950’s more compact size and pretty design.

  • Opinador_Objetivo

    More inaccuracies:
    It comes with Windows 10 MOBILE, not Windows 10.
    uglyAndroid phones never used polycarbonate, at least not like Nokia’s polycarbonate designs. Early uglyAndroid phones were cheap plastic.
    I am not sure about OneDrive giving 200 GB for free, … … I don’t think so… I am expecting my Lumia 950 XL in the coming weeks and will confirm that offer…

    • Telogor

      Don’t forget about them completely missing what Continuum actually is. Continuum is the UI continuity from the lowest-end Lumias all the way to desktop PCs, not cloud syncing between devices.

      • Opinador_Objetivo

        Yeah, this article is just terrible!

  • Actually, both new Lumia’s are capable of using 1TB SD cards. They’re just not available yet.

    • praxius

      2TB actually ????

      • Jeff

        Yes. The moment you find me a 2TB microSD card, I’m putting it in the back of my 950 XL!

        • praxius

          By the time that comes out, Continuum will be more evolved and maybe those 32Bit apps they’re working on (along with the iOS apps) will be available to fill it all up.

  • Katleho Mooko

    Aren’t the Lumia’s capable of 1tb external storage ?

  • Jeff


  • ChubbyInternetNerd

    This article managed to confuse Nokia X with Project Astoria (which isn’t dead) and apparently has no idea what Continuum is. Android/iOS fanboy journalism from a clueless rag.

  • Neil Beytagh

    Now, I am a windows phone fan, and have been supporting and using it since wp7, but this article is obviously written by someone who skimmed over the “spark notes”.

    Misinformation like the aforementioned excerpt only hurts the windows phone/windows 10 mobile brand. They are not the full-featured pc applications, they are are mobile versions – even though they are very capable in their own right.

    Win10Mobile can cast to a second screen (via Miracast or the dock) and you can get SOME functionality of a pc (i.e. Large screen, and scaled up versions of the mobile universal applications), but hardly a pc replacement for a semi advanced to power user.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    That’s 3rd party vendors job. Like EveryPhone coming out of Japan. Thinnest Quad core known to man is a Windows Phone.