UC Browser is one of the best browsers for smartphone devices. At the same time, this browser supports Flash plug-in, which is great for making sure that you will be able to play any flash content that websites have.

Installing Adobe Flash Player on UC Browser

After installing Adobe Flash Player in the UC Browser, you will notice that you can download and manage videos very easy. At the same time, the users are able to see the web pages on their mobile devices just like they are seen on the PC.

We agree that a good amount of pages have already ditched the Adobe Flash Player in favor of the HTML5, but there are still lots of web pages supporting Adobe Flash Player and it will take a few years until a good amount of web pages will ditch this player and adopt HTML5.

We agree the Adobe Flash Player still has a lot of issues, bugs and errors, but since there are still many web pages supporting it, there is no point uninstalling it from your browser. So, until HTML5 will be used by a good amount of websites, we suggest you to install the Adobe Flash Player 11.1 Plug-in on the UC Browser.

Why You Must Install Flash Player

Using Adobe Flash Player on your browser you will be able to stream videos online, play flash games and more. If you use Google Chrome, don’t mind about this plug-in, as you don’t need it on that browser, but if you use any other browser, this plug-in is surely necessarily.

It is good to know that the flash crashes that are common with Mozilla Firefox will happen very rarely on UC Browser or Dolphin, where flash generally works very smoothly.

HINT: Adobe Flash Player 11.1 update is available for smartphones that run on Android 4.0 or previous versions, as the support for this plug-in has been discontinued for earlier Android versions.