Every new WhatsApp user wants to get familiarized with this application as soon as possible, and doesn’t want to waste precious time exploring the features and options. There’s a simpler way to get to know WhatsApp better and in short time, and we’re here to make your life easier. Below, we’ll give you a list of tips and tricks that you will find useful and which will improve your experience on WhatsApp.

How To Change Your Profile Image From Your Desktop

WhatsApp has a web feature which allows you to log into your account using a computer, while you’re connected from your smartphone. If you have a beautiful photo on your PC and you want to set it as your profile image, then click on the avatar from the left hand corner and upload a photo from your drive. Or, you can take a picture with the webcam. This option is also available for groups you’re administrating.

Muting Group Notifications And Chats

When you don’t want to be bothered by notifications from groups or individual chats, then you can turn them off. In Android, you will need to go to the group chat and tap the menu button, then select Mute and the time-frame (period of time) when you want to have silence. In iOS, you will go to the group chat, then tap the group subject and from the Group info screen you will select Mute and the time period.

Know Who Has Read Your Messages In the Group

WhatsApp has two blue ticks which appear at the end of the message and they’re indicating if the recipient has read it. This feature works in group chats as well, and in Android, you will need to long-press on the message you’ve sent, and when you will see the “i” icon, tap on it. This way, you will know who has read it. In iOS, you will open the chat, where you’ll see the ‘Message Info’ screen. If you’ll swipe the message from left to right, you will have access to information such as delivery and read notifications.

Disable Automatic Media Download

When receiving a photo from a contact, it’s automatically downloaded to your card, eating your mobile data. To stop WhatsApp image to be automatically downloaded, then you will need to go to Settings>Chat settings>Media Auto-Download, where you will specify that you don’t want WhatsApp media files to be downloaded to your phone.

Disable Last Seen

After a while, you will start having “possessive” contacts who want to chat with you all the time. When they see you online, they start bothering you until you have enough of them. If you won’t want to delete these persons from your list of friends, but you don’t want them to know that you were online, then you can disable the last seen feature from Settings>Account>Privacy>set Last Seen off for Everyone, My Contact or Nobody.

Changing Your Phone Number

Eventually, you will want to change your number, but you won’t want to lose all groups, information and settings. These details will be imported to your new number if you’ll go to Menu>Settings>Account>Change Number and then, in the first box you’ll enter the old phone number, and in the second box you’ll enter the new number.