Adobe Flash Player has received many new updates in the last four weeks. This looks like a desperate move from Adobe, as the company already knows that its Flash Player will most likely die in the next 1-2 years.

Adobe had to make these fixes a long time ago, as there are already big companies that decided to ditch the Adobe Flash Player and adopt HTML5. The new Adobe Flash Player update comes with 79 fixes and we’re pretty sure that this is the last patch that this application will receive until the end of the year.

Unfortunately, this new update doesn’t solve all the issues that these applications, but it solves some of the critical issues that had to be fixed fast. With other words, you should update your Adobe Flash Player right away, as this update fixes many issues that this application has been confronting with for quite a while.

According to Wolfgang Kandek, the chief technology office at Qualys confirmed that three of the vulnerabilities that were just fixed have allowed hackers in the past to gain code execution running under the users in the browser.

We remind you that flash based attacked are one of the favorite ways for hackers to gain access of your device. According to Chris Goettl, product manager at Chris Shavlik, the APSB15-32 is “a priority 1” update for Adobe Flash Player that resolves 78 vulnerabilities. Goettl added that this new update patches a big amount of number of code execution vulnerabilities along with a few security feature bypass vulnerabilities.

At the same time, Google has released an update for its Chrome browser, which includes security fixes and support for the new Flash Player version.

It seems that Adobe is trying desperately now to make its Flash Player more secure. Unfortunately for them, the Adobe Flash Player will probably be used by fewer and fewer users and HTML5 will take its place.

  • I wish everyone just move away from flash already, but most sites isn’t listening . like rutube a great site, but i had to leave it because im sick of flash. so im heading back to dailymotion where i can use the site without flash.