GoPro announced that they will enter the drone market industry in 2014 and confirmed at the Code Conference this year. For now the company has just announced the name which is “Karma”. It will be the first-ever drone built by GoPro and is set to be released as early as next year.

GoPro is very secretive about Karma. The company did not reveal any key specification, although they provided some test footage- which unveiled back in October – to show what Karma drone is capable of. As we all know that GoPro can produce a very good video, so we can expect that Karma is capable of shooting videos in 4K.

Being late in the drone industry, DJI is one of the most established drone makers in the world. It’s interesting to see how GoPro will go against the giant in the future.

Karma is expected to be unveiled sometimes in 2016 – probably at CES 2016. Good news, GoPro is giving away 100 units of the Karma. In order to win, all you have to do is sign up HERE.