A new video, launched today, shows some aspects the gameplay and, mainly the size of the sandbox world where the game takes place.

A while ago, the developers announced the launch of an early update to the game that was designed to fix some of the issues that have affected the game, like audio problems and other glitches. The patch, officially called 1.01, was announced to hit the market on December 1st, but it looks like it rolled out a bit earlier. The video launched on PlayStation Access, by the game developers at Avalanche Studios presents the large size of the world where Just Cause 3 takes place. It reveals a lot of the sights, buildings, villages and many other features from a helicopter ride across the Island of Medici.

The world map in Just Cause 3 will have one big continent, three more islands and another group of smaller islands divided into seven areas, the entire surface of the map is said to cover 400 square miles.

Avalanche Studios stated that they are aware that pirated copies of the game have already been sold in certain parts of the world and warns those who intend to make such a purchase of the unpatched version. “We’re aware of the fact that in some territories, ‘Just Cause 3’ is available ahead of its official release, which means many of you are enjoying Rico’s latest adventure early” Said one of the developers. In addition to that, he said that they should be patient and wait for the official release date, which will bring the patched version of the game with a lot of fixes and improved features.

Besides the statements made about pirated game copies and the features of the game, the developer mentioned that at a certain stage in the development of the game, the option for multiplayer was taken into consideration. But, was abandoned for the time being, and the game was launched with the singleplayer option only.