The WebOS smart TV platform is preparing for an important upgrade in the forthcoming year. LG wishes to launch a Smart TV line, which according to the latter will feature the new webOS 3.0 platform. Sources say this big launch will take place at the CES event in January.

The latter platform will roll out with a bunch of features that are meant to ease the whole procedure of interchange content choice, all kinds of streaming services and more. WebOS 3.0 comes with Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection and an updated Magic Remote.

Detailing the WebOS 3.0 features: Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile Connection, Magic Remote &more

Magic Zoom is the feature that allows you to enlarge small letters on the screen and the best part about it, is that it doesn’t give you that hazy image. The second feature, Magic Mobile Connection permits users to connect with their phones to the TV and the rest of the apps displayed on the screen. And last but not least, the Magic Remote is the sole controller for the entire TV system.

With webOS 3.0, users will also get to enjoy Channel Plus. LG states that the latter “provides a wide range of over-the-top content in a user-friendly format”. Together with the Xumo platform, LG is planning on including content to the Channel Plus from the following: Time Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Mode Media, Bloomberg Politics and more.

Channel Advisor is another amazing feature that will be able to identify your preferred movies, TV shows, in short it will “read” your pattern and you will see a displayed list of all your top choices. Also, when the TV is not on, you can listen to your favorite tracks due to a new music player app that will also be included in the webOS 3.0.

The company is also planning on upgrading the Live Menus as well as My Channels, so that users can include 10 of their favorite programs, without having to renounce watching to their current one.