Just Cause 3, Metal Gear Solid V, The Witcher III and more games can be found at some amazing prices as the Steam Annual Winter Sale commenced today.

PC games will be sold like hot cakes as players are eager to benefit from this year’s Steam Winter Sale. Old and new games are marked down to some amazing costs, so this is the time to buy.

However, this year’s Winter Sale comes with several changes. Before, there were Daily Deals and Flash Sales, which were usually integrated in a time frame, from 24 hours to 48 and even 8 hours. But, this year’s Winter Sale is different as there is no time-limit for the offers. Thus, all of the offers and deals will be the same until the 4th of January, when the sales will end.

So, to replace Daily Deals and Flash Sales, Valve has come up with new ideas. They will include a special holiday comic called Northpole Noir, every day a new page will be unveiled.

Also, Valve has come up with a new project that hands-out 3 Steam trading cards every day. If you’re a Steam user, you can leaf through all sorts of discounted games with and once you’ve fulfilled the 11-game survey, you can make use of the gift card. A sneaky, yet captivating strategy, as users will definitely come back daily to check out the games and other discounts.

But, if you’re looking to grab the Fallout 4 game at a budget-friendly price, you won’t experience this joy, as the price still remains $59.99 just like the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game. The costs for the Steam Link and Steam Controller are pretty much the same, but if you do buy one or the other, you will get the Left 4 Dead and Counter Strike: Global Offensive as a gift.

Remember that this Steam Winter Sales will continue until January 4 and if you’re still looking for a Christmas gift, now is the time to make a purchase.