VLC comes with many video and audio codecs, and the application is able to run almost any type of media file. The VLC application continued what BSPlayer has started, but it came with more features and it was running way better than other media players.

Well, we have some good news for all VLC lovers, as this media player is finally supported by Chrome OS. The VLC player has been downloaded almost a billion times by users that own devices that run on either Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS or Windows.

Until now, the Chromebook owners were limited to the media files that were supported by the Chrome OS media player. After the new update, all the Chrome OS users will be able to download the VLC directly from the Chrome Web Store.

The VLC version for Chrome OS works like any other version from other operating systems, supporting all audio and video formats such as DVD ISO, FLAC, MKV and more. Also, the users are now able to stream media files from internet sources or local with all features that the application comes with, such as: audio equalizer, subtitles, hardware accelerated decoding, accelerated playback and more.

It is good to know that VLC made its debut in Chrome OS back in March 2015 and it’s still not known why the developers needed nine months to make the application reach the surface and be available for anyone that owns Chrome OS device. Unfortunately, the VLC developers are still warning the users that this is an initial release. With other words, the users will most likely find glitches and bugs but these issues will be solved in time.

So, if you are installing this application on your Chrome OS device, keep in mind that there are chances for the application to crash while you watch a movie or while playing your favorite song. However, we’re sure that the developers will fix most of the found issues pretty fast and soon enough we will have a bug-free VLC version for Chrome OS devices.