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The Daily Fusion is the central hub for all news on world energy. Our goal is to create a comprehensive news source, covering all aspects of the energy development. Energy issues today are getting increasingly complex and interconnected and have a substantial impact on domestic and world economy, society and environment.

To get a firm grip on the topic it is clearly necessary to be able to get news from the primary sources as most of the media tend to oversimplify and often even misinterpret energy problems to the point of reporting the opposite of what is actually happening. It is also paramount to have access to all the relevant data and points of view to be able to reach feasible and coherent conclusions.

The important thing is that we don’t have an angle and are not prejudiced in favor of one form of power generation over the others. We think that there are many different technologies that have a potential to make our energy generation cleaner, safer and more efficient. Even with older technologies there is some room for improvement, and since we cannot just wish fossil fuels out of existence, it is important to find the least damaging ways to use them.

This website aims to provide you with daily updates on all the energy issues ranging from geological exploration of fossil fuels and petroleum processing to the  developments in the field of fusion power and the latest green energy solutions. Our news stories are carefully selected from several hundreds primary sources (such as press-releases) and edited to ensure the highest possible quality and relevance to help our readers reach an informed decision on energy issues. Our extensive news archive allows our readers to do their own research on any topic and to quickly and conveniently find the original sources of the information.

We hope that you would find our website easy to use and would make The Daily Fusion your first stop for all energy news. Click this link to find different ways to subscribe to our updates. We welcome all questions, suggestions and comments and aspire to make our site even better and more relevant than it is now. You can also contribute news to the Daily Fusion or advertise with us if you are so inclined.

Editorial Staff

J_DavenportJohn Davenport, Editor-in-chief

John Davenport is the Editor-in-Chief and active contributor for the Daily Fusion. He is an international journalist with more than 8 years of experience in print media, TV and public relations. Previously he worked as the newspaper editor, a freelance journalist and a telecom engineer. He holds a master’s degree in engineering and believes that it is reasonable to rely on scientific observation, data and experiments to reach the right conclusions and avoid wrong ones.

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alex_clarkAlexander Bililovets, Senior Editor

Alex Clark has a keen interest in renewable energy, electric vehicles and in technologies that help humanity and nature at the same time. Alex has a master’s degree in Economics and possesses vast experience as a business analyst and reporter. He is extremely interested in how renewable energy technology can address world’s economic, environmental and security challenges.

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DSC_0217_pho_fbCaroline Cordier, Assistant Editor

Caroline Cordier is a freelance writer specializing in ‘hard science’. As an assistant editor for the Daily Fusion, Caroline is responsible for fact-checking, editing and publishing stories for the “Knowledge is Power” section. Her experience with scientific publishing and editing makes her the perfect person for the job. Caroline holds a degree in Engineering.

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DSC_0071_1Adrian Gordon, Contributing Editor

Adrian Gordon is a freelance consultant and an expert in energy. He has extensive experience with oil and gas companies and is providing his invaluable expertise and advice to help the Daily Fusion team with the news selection process and fact-checking. Adrian is also deeply interested in renewable energy and sustainable development, especially its environmental, social and political aspects.

Email @ adrian.gordon@