Top 5 Fast Fat Burning Foods You Should Start Eating Now

Exercising is essential to a healthy lifestyle but how you choose to fuel your body is just as important, if not more. You’ll be pleased to find that there are certain types of foods out there that will help you burn fat quicker and without much effort. Don’t think of it as some sort of depriving diet as the foods on this list are full of taste and flavor, organic and healthy.

Fast fat burning foods refers to those types of food that require your body to burn a higher number of calories in order to process it than the amount of calories in the food itself. Don’t fool yourself thinking that a small treat in the evening is acceptable just because it contains ‘only’ 100 calories. Truth is, your body will use 25 of those calories to process the dessert and you’ll be left with a surplus of 75 calories, a surplus that will more than likely turn into fat. Opt for a piece of apple instead and you will end up burning off more calories. How? Well, due to its texture, your body will use more energy to process it than its calorie content so in the end you will be about 30 calories ‘poorer’.

Diversity is the key so have a look at the following fast fat burning foods and mix them into your daily menus. The results will shortly start to show, and that’s a promise!

  1. Nuts


Nuts make excellent choices as they suppress appetite and it only takes about two handfuls of almonds to feel less hungry. Nuts are also great for their versatility as they go with pretty much anything: salads, yogurts, cereal, which means not only you are gaining flavor but you are also allowing your body to realize it does not need as much food as we believe it does. Be wary though, nuts are healthy only when consumed raw! Avoid roasted or honey glazed nuts as they will only make you gain fat, not burn it!

  1. Green vegetables


Green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, fiber, minerals, vitamins and even protein! To put it simply, they are just perfect. The chlorophyll stimulates the production of red blood cells and cleanses the blood and thus gives your body the chance to detox. As a result, your metabolism will get the kick it needs and you will be burning fat like you never have. As with anything else, green vegetables are best consumed raw. But if you’re fed up with salads and fancy a change juice a handful of green leafs with a couple of apples and a dash of lemon and your body will get the daily nutrients it needs. You can also steam or grill them and have them with a dash of homemade dressing for an extra kick taste wise.

  1. Beans and Pulses


Beans and pulses have got a high fiber content and are also low in calories, in other words ideal! The fiber helps you feel fuller for longer so you no longer have such a high calorie intake. They are also rich in protein and iron, both essential for fat and weight loss. Try different sorts of beans and pulses such as black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, lima beans, lentils or soybeans and make sure you don’t overcook them.

  1. Berries


Berries are a great source of antioxidants which help your hair and skin look great whilst also being low in calories. They are rich in fiber, pectin and have a high water content so they will fill you up quickly, inhibit sugar cravings and thus help you lose weight the healthy way. Be wary of their sugar content though so try to limit your servings to a handful a day. And if you are wondering which berries are the best, the answer is all! Mulberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, try them all and you will feel the benefits.

  1. Olive Oil


I agree this sound odd but studies at the University of Illinois showed that subject who consumed olive oil prior to their meals, consumed 25% less calories than those who didn’t. Due to its high monosaturated fats content, olive oil diminishes food craving, especially those for sweet things. Use good quality olive oil to get the best of it, preferably cold-pressed or extra virgin.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. OnePlus 3 – Newest Details About Each

OnePlus 3 can be called a newcomes when it comes to smartphone industry, and it already rivals one of the best devices on the market, the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Upon running a speed test on both phones, it was obvious that the OnePlus 3 moves definitely faster than the Edge device. In the first lap, the OnePlus 3 finished in 1:31 seconds, while Edge took 1:41. The second round showed Samsung taking 2:17 and OnePlus 3 with 1:57.

One common spec of both phones is the size. They include the same display, an AMOLED one that measures 5.5 inches. However, Edge includes a Super AMOLED technology, so you could say it wins this round, while OnePlus 3 uses an earlier version. OnePlus 3 also appears to be heavier and larger than the Samsung device. They both include fingerprint sensors, which is a great technology that enables you to unlock it faster and to make mobile payments in a more secure way.

The American version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has internal specifications similar to the OnePlus 3: a Snapdragon 820 processor and a Adreno 250 GPU. They both include a Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi, NFC, GPS. The USB connection differs though: while S7 Edge works with v 2.0 microUSB, OnePlus 3 goes for a Type-C USB port.

But the actual difference between the two devices is in fact the price. OnePlus 3 costs around $400, which is decent, while Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is reported to reach $800, double than the price of the first. However, many people are still torn between deciding to buy one phone or the other, and this is easy to understand because they are both excellent phones.

GTA 6 Release Date Might be Delayed Until 2020

Until this month, Leslie Benzies used to be the president of Rockstar North Company. However, as soon as he left Rockstar North, a new wave of rumors has surfaced all over the internet, claiming that the release date of the GTA 6 game will be delayed until 2020.

Some previous rumors were suggesting that the GTA 6 will actually be released in 2018 and have made many GTA fans very happy. However, the smile on some of the GTA fans’ faces has disappeared after they’ve heard about the new rumors.

Gamers are very disappointed because there are high chances that they will need to wait until 2020, until they will see a new GTA game. Rockstar is well known all over the world because of the GTA game. They’ve brought a large contribution to the GTA 3, GTA 4 and GTA 5 games, which made many GTA fans very happy.

We remind you that Benzies has been working on Rockstar North for the last 17 years, a period of time when the company has released some awesome games. According to “TheBitBag” website, Benzies had some really awesome ideas about the upcoming GTA 6, but of all them are ruined right now, because he left the company.

Benzies has declared in the past that the Rockstar team has over 45 years worth of ideas that they want to implement and that the development team doesn’t know exactly what GTA 6 will be like, but they have some clues what to do next.

According to some earlier rumors, the GTA 6 will be released sometime in 2018, but now with Benzies leaving the company, we’re not sure if this is the case anymore. There are also rumors which say that Rockstar is still working on DLCs for GTA 5 Online, which means that they can’t focus yet on the GTA 6 game.

Do you think that the GTA 6 will be released in 2018 or it will take longer for company to release this game?

Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi Note and Mi 4 Updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is already running on most of Google’s Nexus devices along with other mobile devices that have been manufactured by other companies. It seems that the developers from Xiaomi are now preparing to release the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA update for a few devices manufactured by them.

According to GizmoChina, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA update is in its final testing stages for the Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi 4. If all the tests go well, these three devices will receive the latest Android OS version.

According to reports, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA update will also come with a new version of MIUI 7. When Xiaomi unveiled the new MIUI 7, many fans were quite disappointed that most of the devices which were going to get the new update will be stuck on Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, Xiaomi assured the users that they should not worry about the Android version, as the features added to MIUI 7 will be the compatible across all devices.

Earlier this month, a report revealed that MIUI Operations Manager has posted on Weibo that the Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi Note and Xiaomi Mi 4 will receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA Update. In addition, the manager also confirmed that the users will receive the latest Android version soon and the company has already started rolling out the software to its community of beta testers.

It seems that more and more devices are leaving the Android Lollipop behind. More capable mobile devices will start receiving the Android 6.0 Marshmallow sometime in early 2016. We’re expecting to see more devices from big mobile phone manufactures such as Samsung or LG to start receiving the latest Android OS version soon.

Apple TV vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Google Chromecast – How To Single One Out?

If you’re in the market for a TV streamer and you can’t decide between the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast, you need to keep on reading to find out how to single one out. It’s not easy choosing one or the other, which is why we’ve decided to stack them up against one another and see which TV streamer has it all.

The setting up process

Even if the brand new Apple TV received a processor expansion, setting up this streamer is no different from the previous one. The latter TV streamer is a hefty product, so make sure you have room for it. Once it is linked to a HDMI port, you just have to choose the language and pick the Wi-Fi network. As for the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast, these two have to be simply plugged into the HDMI port of the TV and of course they will require a source of power.

The Chromecast dongle also has a HDMI cable that can easily be bent and because of its flexibility, you can easily fit the streamer even if the ports are jammed. The Fire TV Stick, on the other hand is not that flexible, but it does have an HDM extension cable which is great for enhancing the Wi-Fi signal.

Streaming applications, connectivity &costs

The Chromecast includes various apps such as iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Now TV, BBC and BT Sport. Users also have access to Google Play Store, thus there is plenty of content to choose from.

As for the Apple TV, this one works solo, as it doesn’t need another device to function. Just like the Chromecast, Apple TV offers access to Now TV platform, Netflix, Red Bull TV and way more. You can also rent or buy whichever content you desire, as the latter streamer also comes with the iTunes service. Users also have Siri, so voice commands can be enabled.

And as for Amazon, this one struggles to make its own services stand out. Thus, Amazon Prime offers limitless streaming of movies and TV directly from the Prime library. And when installing apps, Netflix and BBC iPlayer are within reach.

Basically, the major difference here is how the overall multimedia content is offered.

As for the connectivity issue, the Chromecast 2 supports 802.11ac and dual band Wi-Fi. According to Google, an improved Fast Play option will roll out by the end of 2015 as it promises to make the device run a lot faster.

The Fire TV Stick has dual-band, dual-antenna 802.11n Wi-Fi while the Apple TV also has the new upgraded 801.11ac with MIMO support. But Apple TV also has the 10/100 Ethernet port, so you can opt for a cabled connection as well.

Price wise, the 32GB variant of Apple TV retails for £129 while for the 64GB variant you will end up paying £169. The Chromecast is priced at £30 while Amazon’s Fire TV Stick retails for £35.

WeChat Payment vs. China Union Pay – Which One Is More Popular?

WeChat is a very popular platform in China and it is also known as China’s ‘life operating platform’ as it is a mixture of IM, e-commerce and social media.

Back in November, Tencent, the company that owns WeChat made the WeChat Payment accessible in 20 countries. The latter payment system allows migratory Chinese to buy from remote businesses with the aid of RMB.

WeChat Payment vs. China Union Pay

China UnionPay is the leading payment system for Chinese tourism expenses. Being the sole bankcard operator in China, it has gained a monopoly position, no doubt about it. But, ever since the Chinese government announced that the credit card market will receive Visa, MasterCard and American Express, UnionPay’s monopoly days are slowly coming to an end.

There is also another strong competitor in the online payment section, and this is Alibaba Group’s Alipay which already owns 50% of the online payment market, while UnionPay is just at 11%.

Tencent’s timing to propel WeChat Payment service overseas couldn’t be more accurate. This is the mobile payment era, where everyone enjoys this simple and fast procedure. And to prove the overall value of mobile payments, according to a report issued by China Central Bank, such payments reached $4.2 trillion. Xinhua states that 60% of WeChat users already enabled the payment service and more than 200 million users have linked their credit cards to their accounts.

You might ask yourselves why is WeChat different from the rest of the payment options out there? Because it has its own in-app ecosystem. At the beginning the latter service was used to send New Year’s red envelopes, but now it’s all about e-commence, baking and more. Users can pay their bills with the simple scanning of QR codes or they can convert renminbi payments directly into the currency accepted by the retailers for instance. Also for safety issues, this QR code is refreshed every minute. Having said all this, expect museums worldwide, amusements parks as well as hotels and major retailers to adopt the WeChat Payment.

GTA 6 In Production by Rockstar? When Will Be Released On Xbox One, PC and PS4

A few days have passed since Rockstar has released the a new GTA Online DLC called “Executives & Other Criminals” and the hardcore fans are already thinking about the GTA 6 game.

According to many GTA fan sites, the development of the GTA 6 has official started, but there is still no official confirmation about this yet. Until now, no details have been revealed about the GTA 6, only some fan-made fake trailer.

There are rumors which say that Rockstar will bring a bigger map in GTA 6, especially because the game will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which are way more powerful than the old Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The developers were quite limited with GTA 5, because the game was released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, two consoles that, from our opinion, have very low specifications.

The upcoming GTA 6 will be released for the current-gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, along with the Windows PC. The game is expected to be released sometime in 2018-2020 and it will feature a female lead protagonist. Rockstar has promised in the past that they are considering bringing a female protagonist to the game, as many GTA fans have requested. Until now, the players were able to play only with male characters in the GTA storyline.

On the other hand, you were able to create a female character in GTA online only. However, this is about to end, as the developer will finally bring a female character in the GTA 6 storyline.

Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors until now and we should take them with a bit of salt. Rockstar will most likely come with some official news about GTA 6 sometime in Q3 or Q4 2016, but we’re sure that a trailer of this game will be released in 2017 or so.

Google Play Store Top 2015 Holiday Deals

If you are an Android user, then we have some good news for you. The Google Play Store holiday sales have started and you should check it out, as you will be able to purchase games at a very cheap price.

Lara Croft Go is a game that comes with pretty good graphics and if you are a Tomb Raider fan, then you will surely enjoy playing this game. The game has received an 80% price reduction and it can be purchased for only 0.99 dollars.

Minecraft Story Mode can now be purchased for only 0.10 dollars, while Lego Batman Beyond Gotham is 0.99 dollars. Below we will give you a list of more games that are currently on sale and you can purchase them right away from the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that this offer will most likely end in two days, so you’d better purchase your favorite game right away.

– Final Fantasy III – 7.99 dollars
– NBA Jam – 0.10 dollars
– Goat Simulator – 0.99 dollars
– Civilization Revolution – 4.99 dollars
– Surgeon Simulator – 0.99 dollars
– Dark Echo – 0.49 dollars
– Framed – 0.99 dollars
– Castle Illusion – 0.99 dollars
– Hitman Sniper – 0.50 dollars
– Final Fantasy Tactics – 6.99 dollars
– This War of Mine – 4.49 dollars
– Leo’s Fortune – 0.99 dollars
– Splendor – 0.99 dollars
– Rayman Fiesta Run – 0.25 dollars
– Small World 2 – 0.99 dollars
– Pac Man CE DX – 0.99 dollars
– Modern Combat 4 – 0.99 dollars
– Ravensburger Puzzle – 0.10 dollars
– Riptide GP2 – 0.49 dollars
– Joe Danger – 0.99 dollars
– Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition – 0.99 dollars.

As you can see, there are a lot of good games that are on sale on Google Play Store. Some of them are AAA games, so we suggest you to take a look on the official Android store and purchase some awesome games at a very low price.

The Google Play Store Christmas Sale ends on ends on December 25, 2015.

Uncharted 4 Release Date Delayed Until April 2016 – Adds Key Sequences and Extra Resources

Sony PlayStation and Naughty Dog have announced today that the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be delayed once again. The final “episode” of the series was set to be released on March 18, 2016, but now it’s coming a month and a week later, on April 26, 2016.

Game director Bruce Straley and the creative director Neil Druckmann confirmed this news by saying that the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is “wrapping up production and is shaping up” and that they will finally release the proper Nathan Drake that they’ve promised.

They’ve added that unfortunately in order to make sure that the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is released without bugs and issues, they will need to delay the release date of this game until April 26, 2016.

This is also the largest “Uncharted” game until now and it seems that the developers have been working very hard to make sure that this game will be enjoyed by anyone who will play it.

However, according to Straley and Druckmann, once the developing team has approached to the final deadlines and it started to wrap the game’s level, they’ve realized that some of the key sequences need some extra resources. After the developing team considered all their options, they decided to extend the schedule in order to make sure that the game gets “polished” before releasing it to the public.

Straley and Druckmann also said that pushing the date is not an easy choice for anyone who’s about to release a big game. They’ve added that they know that a lot of loyal fans are waiting for this awesome game and they apologize for the delay of the final chapter of Uncharted.

The Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on April 26, 2016.