You Can Now Remove Bad Memories from Facebook’s Year in Review

This year has been quite a success for major tech companies, including Facebook.

The leading social networking company finally managed to connect up to 1 billion people in a single day, an achievement that has never been reached by any other social networking platform.

Now that 2015 is almost over, the company wants to ensure that you end it with your happy moments of the year only and nothing bad at all.

Facebook has now made it official that the more than 1.5 billion people that use this app can now access the Year in Review feature. This tool is aimed at giving you some of the best memories as far as Facebook photos are concerned for the past one year.

Year in Review feature has a new design

As mentioned earlier, this year has been quite a success for Facebook. The company has been rolling out some mind-blowing features and services in a bid to keep itself relevant in the highly competitive market as well as attract more users to the platform.

These efforts have seen the company redesign the Year in Review feature such that it takes the appeal of a photo strip. In addition, the new tool is now a lot customizable than before, making it easy to filter out any of your sad or bad memories during the year.

This is a cool update and for sure many will appreciate it, especially the ones that were unhappy with it last year, claiming that it resurfaced some bad memories they preferred not to be reminded of, for instance, photos of loved ones who passed away or even those of exes. This year’s edition is fully customizable such that the user is in control of what appears. This can be achieved by simply swapping the undesired photo with what you want to see just in case the algorithm doesn’t catch it. After this, you can also decide whether to share the memories with your friends or to keep them to yourself.

Furthermore, the tech giant also said that it has changed the approach it uses when it comes to choosing the photos to view in your Year in Review tool. The feature now makes use of what the company calls “a unique set of filters” to ensure that it reduces the chances of showing you a photo that you are not interested in seeing. This attempt is, according to Facebook, aimed at filtering out the potentially bad memories.

Facebook Instant Articles Now Available on Android

Facebook has finally brought the much-awaited for Instant Articles on Android, the most popular mobile operating system.

If you are an avid user of this social networking platform, you definitely have a Facebook app on your Android phone. If no, the app is free to download and install right from the Google Play Store. Once you get started, simply check out for a lightning bolt icon when checking articles and tap on it to experience the changes.

This new update was announced on Wednesday following a few weeks of testing on the same Android platform; however, the test process only took into account a few users. Nonetheless, as from now, you can get the quick-loading Instant Articles on your phone so that you can stay up to date with the latest around the world.

Facebook Instant Articles are basically news pieces that are published to the platform directly, promising to load up to 10 times faster when compared to using external links to read the same news pieces. The leading social networking company has partnered with more than 350 publishers from all over the world who will be responsible for posting their content on Facebook’s mobile apps via this new feature.

After initially running tests on the iOS devices starting from May this year, Mark Zuckerberg and co have finally decided to bring it to Android. However, those who got it in its initial day had very little to enjoy from as the company had very few partners. Now that it has a huge collection and more are expected to come in as the popularity of the feature grows, we expect to see it move to Windows Phone and maybe Symbian OS at a later time.

The more than 350 publishers on Facebook’s Instant Articles will be posting daily, but this is not a requirement for the company. At the moment, a huge number of these publishers are based in the U.S.; however, more publishers from different parts of the world are expected to come in with time, especially from the developing market. The company has been focusing most of its recent efforts on spreading its services to these regions, something it recently insisted by introducing 2G Tuesdays where its employees get to use this kind of slow connection in order to get the feeling of what users in these regions go through when accessing Facebook.

At the moment, Facebook is happy to reveal that it connects more than 1 billion per day. However, with Instant Articles, this figure might just get bigger.

If you haven’t noticed the new Instant Articles on your Facebook app for Android, make sure you head to the Google Play and install the latest version.