WeChat Payment vs. China Union Pay – Which One Is More Popular?

WeChat is a very popular platform in China and it is also known as China’s ‘life operating platform’ as it is a mixture of IM, e-commerce and social media.

Back in November, Tencent, the company that owns WeChat made the WeChat Payment accessible in 20 countries. The latter payment system allows migratory Chinese to buy from remote businesses with the aid of RMB.

WeChat Payment vs. China Union Pay

China UnionPay is the leading payment system for Chinese tourism expenses. Being the sole bankcard operator in China, it has gained a monopoly position, no doubt about it. But, ever since the Chinese government announced that the credit card market will receive Visa, MasterCard and American Express, UnionPay’s monopoly days are slowly coming to an end.

There is also another strong competitor in the online payment section, and this is Alibaba Group’s Alipay which already owns 50% of the online payment market, while UnionPay is just at 11%.

Tencent’s timing to propel WeChat Payment service overseas couldn’t be more accurate. This is the mobile payment era, where everyone enjoys this simple and fast procedure. And to prove the overall value of mobile payments, according to a report issued by China Central Bank, such payments reached $4.2 trillion. Xinhua states that 60% of WeChat users already enabled the payment service and more than 200 million users have linked their credit cards to their accounts.

You might ask yourselves why is WeChat different from the rest of the payment options out there? Because it has its own in-app ecosystem. At the beginning the latter service was used to send New Year’s red envelopes, but now it’s all about e-commence, baking and more. Users can pay their bills with the simple scanning of QR codes or they can convert renminbi payments directly into the currency accepted by the retailers for instance. Also for safety issues, this QR code is refreshed every minute. Having said all this, expect museums worldwide, amusements parks as well as hotels and major retailers to adopt the WeChat Payment.

WeChat vs. Viber – Which Application Do You Prefer?

There are over a billion smartphones that are used at the moment running on either Windows Phone, Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Symbian.

There are a lot of smartphone owners who’ve decided to install a messaging application on their devices in order to keep in touch with their loved ones, with ease. The most popular messaging applications for mobile devices are WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype, but today we’re going to talk about the first two mentioned ones.

It is good to knows that WhatsApp has over 900 million users, while WeChat and Viber have around 600 million users each.

WeChat vs. Viber: Availability

Viber was released back in 2010 and it was available only for the iOS devices. However, now this application supports more platforms including Windows PC, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian.

On the other hand, WeChat has been released a few months after Viber and likewise WeChat, it can be installed on almost any mobile platform, including desktop platforms such as Windows or Mac OS. We remind you that WeChat had in the past only a Web Chat support, but it seems that the developers have released a full supported client for both Windows PC and Mac OS.

WeChat vs. Viber: Features

WeChat comes with messaging and calling capabilities. You can use this application to make HD free video and voice calls whether you are using a tablet, a smartphone or a PC. You can also use coupons, stickers, emoticons and namecards in your messages. There are already lots of businesses models that allow you to use the WeChat application make a reservation, payment or to call a taxi.

At the same time WeChat is offering social-media features, allowing you to share and like a comment that another user has posted. At the same time, there is a WeChat Moments service where all the users can share their best photos with their friends. At the same time, you will be able to share these photos, like them or even comment them.

On the other hand, Viber is an application that offers the same calling and messaging capabilities. Users can make free HD quality video and voice calls. However, Viber comes with a feature called “Viber Out” which allows you to call phone numbers, but you will need to pay for this service. However, it’s not that expensive, especially if you want to make a call in another country for example.